• Emma Claridge

Every cloud has a silver lining

Do you ever get one of them days, from the moment you get up you just know that it’s going to be a long day?

I have experienced a few of them too.

Let me share with you a day where nothing went to plan, but I heard 3 words that turned it all around for me.

I started the day all enthusiastic as I had a lot of activities planned including meeting up with friends. It was a Saturday so I didn’t need to be up the crack of dawn, so I went out about my duties as normal for a weekend.

It was all going well until the last horse I had to put out caught me off guard and knocked me over. I hit my back and head, she ended up standing between my legs, luckily she stopped in her tracks and didn’t knock me anymore. I got up and carried on putting her out in the field but I knew I wasn‘t right. I knew I had to get home and connect to get sorted.

I got home and just sat down as I could feel everything starting to swell up including my head. I cancelled all my plans and just sat and connected, I was using the affirmation I normally do and I could feel the energy around me. Then I heard 3 words:




I swapped my affirmations to include these 3 words. It worked… the healing took place much quicker and I now make sure I use these 3 words in all my affirmations.

That day changed my life for the better, so the grey cloud certainly had a silver lining.

Emma Claridge

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