Treatments to clear energy blocks in your body & mind

Feel the blocks lift straight away leaving you lighter and relaxed within the hour.


The day it started for me was when I placed my hand on my mothers stomach and prayed to take her pain away, (not before her GP referred her to a Gastroenterologist who told her she wasn't having food reactions it was all in her head) was the moment I realised there is more to the universe than we know. That was in 2010 and that day was the start of my journey to enlightenment.

Since then I have completed an animal healing course, met some amazing people and developed in ways spiritually that allows me to help others find their own path to enlightenment.

My team in spirit work with me and clear me to keep me on my destined path, I have even written my own book with their guidance 'How To Find Your Inner Happiness...My Journey'.

The treatments I carry out either through touching my client or distance clearing allow me to feel the blocks that are present and I can feel when they dissolve, quite often the client feels the blocks dissolve too.

The treatments can help with mental health, illness, low energy, irrational behaviour, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue, grieving a loved one and hurt from a loved one. My team in spirit can also remove unwanted attachments from people and homes.

With the help of the love energy, we can keep our minds and bodies clear to attract the right people and situations into our life.

The law of attraction = positive energy = destined path


Emma is amazing, I booked in my partner to help with his severe depression, after 4 years of no motivation and wanting a way out of life, watching my partner deteriorate was devastating and I couldn’t help. After one session with Emma he finally had a smile on his face, feels lighter and happier and able to deal with things life throws at him. I can’t express enough the change in him I am truly grateful. All his friends have seen the difference in him also, which has resulted in myself and them having a session and more with Emma. We can't recommend her enough

Sam - June 2019

After having Emma do several clearances for myself, I had her communicate with a few of my equine herd. To say the results were fantastic is an understatement. Emma was able to tell me things that others didn’t know about my horses, reassured them and I saw instant changes for the better in them... including a wild new forest mare and a working stallion. The stallion had lost his zest for life after losing his mate and he didn’t play anymore. Emma connected to him for me and gave him a distance clearing she warned me he might have a spring in his step the next day, since then he has come into his own and extremely playful back to the fun stallion he should be at his age.


I’d recommend anyone and everyone to try and communicate through Emma to your pets... I wholeheartedly believe my animals enjoyed it as much as I do.

Clare Brennan

Cardyke Cobs


April 2019 (distance clearing for a stallion and new forest mare) (the photo of the stallion is on my services page, this is after his clearing)

Visited Emma after she cleared our house..had been living in the house for over 18 years .but it never felt like a peaceful place to be.had countless things happen over the years from pictures taking off walls to handprints on the window that was bigger than anyone else's, footsteps on the landing things that would disappear but when you came back home they would be in the middle of the was one of the most mind-blowing nights but afterwards the peace and tranquillity in that house was amazing and have not had any more problems since..honestly can't thank Emma enough..she is one amazing person.

John - April 2019


Emma is a true healer. Each session I have with her awakens me further to my spiritual side. My last session was particularly special where we both connected deeply with visual affirmations. Emma always makes me feel reassured, safe and I always walk away feeling lighter and happier.

Mel - March 2019


Very positive outcome for myself and my son. My son is has become more loving, listening more and his behaviour has improved (especially at school) As for myself my back pain has completely disappeared in fact I slept for the first time in a week after connecting with Emma..

Donna - December 2018


I recently had a cleansing healing treatment from Emma Claridge and it was truly amazing. I had been feeling I had been suffering from some psychic attack which had been causing me to feel very low, extremely fearful with high anxiety. Emma managed to assist in clearing the energies and cutting cords with people and situations that no longer served me. My work appeared to have come to a standstill, I felt blocked and stuck.
Since the healing, I immediately felt better, clearer and lighter. I now feel back to my normal self, blocks feel lifted, I'm receiving clients again, my energy levels are much higher, fears have significantly quietened and I feel very connected to Gods loving energy within. Thank you very much, Emma, you beautiful earth angel 💕🙏 Nameste 🙏

Mel - April 2017


Can I just tell you all how wonderful Emma's energy work is! I met this amazing woman I think about 4 years ago and she always seems to come into my mind when I need some energy assistance. Emma has this intuitive way of cleansing and clearing all of these things that don't serve me well and is able to not only clear but give me a lot of information to me on situations which put me out of balance within my spiritual self/path. She is always spot on which is very reassuring and that's why I always to turn to her if I am feeling I have conflict going on within my mind or spiritual self. Emma also has another amazing ability and that is once or twice she has called me out of the blue to pass on a message from my boyfriend in spirit and it has come at the right time. I feel once Emma has worked on you/ with you there will always be a beautiful connection with you as she works very much from her heart and I highly recommend her services.x

Lyndsay - February 2017