Treatments to clear energy blocks in your body & mind

Feel the blocks lift straight away leaving you lighter and relaxed within the hour.

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Pink Lotus Flower


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the healing session you did on Ewan a couple of weeks ago. The following morning he woke up and said 'mum, it doesn't hurt today and I can point my foot!

Ewans mum

He was a stray, no known history. His chip was traced to find his family had moved. 7 yrs old, well trained. He was completely shut down and heartbroken. After connecting with Emma for an hour he is so much happier and more settled.

Samantha Fletcher, her new rescued dog

I booked in my partner to help with his severe depression, after 4 years of no motivation and wanting a way out of life, watching my partner deteriorate was devastating and I couldn’t help. After one session with Emma he finally had a smile on his face, feels lighter and happier and able to deal with things life throws at him

Sam Davies, her partner

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