• Emma Claridge

When your energy isn’t your own

I’ve recently found energy that we think of our own is actually other peoples that has just added on to our own. Making us feel and believe it’s our own.

New #affirmations that I’ve been working with has been allowing our own energy to be completely cleansed from any attachment of energy that we’ve taken on.

When you see people change under #influence this is how it’s happening. The stronger energy is attaching itself to another persons energy which is then dictating the thought process and the power of the mind causing #confusion, #uncertainty and #anxiety.

Not only does it leave you thinking differently it also causes blocks in your body which then causes #illness.

I notice the changes and different #mindsets people have when other energy has attached itself to their energy.

You can see the pattern of how the stronger #energies dictate. The law of attraction causes this to happen and this is when you lose your identity.

#lawofattraction #dominantenergy #loveaffirmation #mindfulness #awareness

Emma Claridge

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