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Being controlled by another energy

What does it mean by being #controlled. I have seen numerous clients who just don’t know who they are anymore. Their energy is swamped by others energy.

What do I mean by controlling?

The way I look at #controlling is when you lose your #freewill and #freespirit. You no longer feel you can do what you want to do.

I know when you are in a relationship we have to #compromise but there has to be balance.

When you have someone dictating to you when you can go out and when you can’t. Who you can see and who you can’t, when you do go out and it’s not with them they bombard you with permanent texts or calls keeping tabs on you. They tell you what clothes you can wear and question your every move.

This is not a healthy relationship and this is not balanced. There is no trust there. It’s almost like a #mentalprison that is just pulling all the strings, you have no control of your own choices anymore.

This can come on gradually and there is usually a lot of soft soap from the partner saying they are like that because they care about you etc.

For your own sake try and spot the signs early on to break away from this pattern of #influence.

How do you feel when your energy is being controlled?

(examples taken from case studies)

The client is totally numb in the mind. They don’t know what they want anymore or what makes them #happy. They are almost looking out of a set of eyes that’s not them. They feel emotional and almost give up fighting for what they want, it’s too much effort so just let it go. This is when the stronger energy wins.

It’s very sad to feel how an energy has taken control of somebody like this because often the clients will get very emotional and admit that they don’t know what they want in life anymore. This is another case of mental health because it’s affected the mind and you are totally #unbalanced in your energy.

With a particular case my clients energy was that blocked that it felt like they were being suffocated. It felt like she had an invisible noose around her neck not just one about three. The blocks were so tight around the neck it almost felt like I couldn’t breathe properly as it was clearing and when I asked my client do they suffer with ears, nose and throat problems, that was a definite yes. This is what happens when the energy manifests into symptoms.

The pain that came out from all around the throat #chakra so this means their sinuses, ears, throat and top of chest was immense. I felt the pain clear away from the back of her ears and my client admitted she suffers with a lot of pain there. (Please note this is energy and not a health problem that can be cured with medication).

It took a good 3/4 of an hour to actually start to lift some of the #energyblocks that was around my clients neck but it felt good when we started to get them released then the mind cleared with it and we started to get a bit more clarity.

Because my client was so blocked it took a while but after the treatment had finished she noticed the difference and felt much lighter, less restricted as the #energy had her bound up. Giving her more free range movement in her back and neck. She felt happier but obviously very tired because there was so much #negative energy she was carrying.

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Emma Claridge

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