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When two become one

I have always felt that when any of our loved ones leave us they will find a way to come back to us.

It is one of the hardest things to do saying goodbye to our furry friends/beloved pets forever. Living in hope that we will someday see them again.

So let me share with you my recent experiences and also what spirit shared with me.

We had 2 cats one called Harry Potter and the other Ron Weasley, Ron is still with us, sadly Harry is in spirit. Harry had certain ways like walking on the edge of the path sleeping in certain spots and sitting outside in certain areas of the garden. He also waited for you to open the door rather than go through the cat flap (that was only desperate measures). Ron on the other hand was a tear away came through the cat flap no hesitation, went in, went out just being a cat and having fun.

A few months later we find we are now opening the door for Ron, he is laying in the areas Harry use to lay in, even walking along the edge of the path the same way Harry use to. It seems like we get glimpses of Harry back through Ron.

I often find myself calling my horses names of previous horses as they too adopt similar traits.

What spirit showed me

It was while I was giving a client a cleansing treatment I got shown two dogs tails that then merged into 1, and at that precise moment my client started talking about her dog that had to be put to sleep and how she doesn’t feel her around in spirit so much. However, one of her other dogs has changed become more affectionate just like the dog that was in spirit use to be. At that moment we clicked what spirit was showing us, we both got shivers/vibrations go through (how spirit confirm things are true) and it seems our pets in spirit do go into our existing pet energy to be with you again.

So indeed they do find a way to be back with you. I don’t think it works in the same way for humans. Human energy is linked through other signs and energy such as robins, butterflies and dragonflies.

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Emma Claridge

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