• Emma Claridge

Trust in your gut instinct

In today’s world when everyone is out for themselves it’s vital that you trust in your gut instinct.

What do I mean by your gut instinct?

Your gut instinct is your inner alarm system that tells you when something is right for you and when it’s not. Too many people over ride their instinct and let logic kick in, that’s where you need to be aware how #energy works.

I have seen time and time again where people have manipulated others because they want something their way and they get it!

When peoples energy is stronger than the other they can #manipulate because their energy overrides the other persons energy. Tiredness, confusion, numbness kicks in for the weaker energy and they start acting on the new energy that they’ve taken on which is the stronger person. This is very sad when you see it happen and you can also see how it distracts that person from their own life, their values, their loved ones and everything that mattered to them becomes less important.

When you trust in you gut instinct you get that heavy feeling right in the gut of your stomach and almost in your intestines and it’s telling you no, listen to it!

Also note when you are around a good energy, your mind will remain the same and you shouldn’t change in any way.

It’s when people try to #influence you because they want something either a sale or a promotion. Their energy overpowers you when they are showing you their way. A very good salesman who shows you facts and figures that look impressive but might not be right for you, is a good example. I can also relate this to office environment where I see people come in and just work the system to suit them and you can see it happening and there’s nothing you can do about it. I can feel the energy but others can’t but they see the decision makers start to change. The actions of management start to be unbalanced in their decision making not being fair and being one-sided and not listening to other people‘s point of view because they’ve been so clouded by the other persons energy. You are now fighting an invisible force.

So when I say trust your #gutinstinct I mean it’s there for a purpose and if it’s telling you no then you need to take a step back, you need to do whatever you can do to clear from the energy that is now taking control of you to be able to see things clearly. The only thing that will do this will be meditation, energy clearing in someway. I use #affirmations while connecting on the left hand but other people #pray , #Buddha religion. Whatever it is that you need to do #yoga , exercise etc. make sure it becomes a form of your life so that you can get that balance and #clarity in your mind. so you know what’s right and what’s wrong for you.

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Emma Claridge

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