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Help my child is battling mental health

The way the mind works is a different circuit when we are not in a balanced place. Being an energy therapist that clears away negativity I can feel the blocks in the mind that are causing the problems.

I have many cases where children are experiencing anxiety, depression, eating disorders, hearing voices in their heads, panic attacks and this is all linked to the energy blocks in the mind.

We have children absorbing negative energy from all directions in their life; home life, schools, social media, online chats and it’s a viscous circle as bullying and mental taunting becomes the norm.

As I’m writing this I can feel those in spirit that suffered this including people in the spotlight who took their own life as they couldn’t escape the torture they felt in their minds from online trolls. They are wanting me to tell people what I can feel.

I will reinforce this, I have said before words are powerful, words are power and if they are used in a detrimental way they will destroy us and have a knock on effect to the planet.

Talking about things helps as you are releasing you are not bottling it up. It’s important to say what you feel otherwise this does bottle up in your throat area (chakra) causing another energy block that needs to be released otherwise you become unbalanced again especially in the throat and head this brings in its own set of problems including physical symptoms. So writing things down and then disposing of them is good as you have said what you want to say it’s off your chest (as the saying goes).

People around those who are blocked pick up the energy too, they become unbalanced in themselves and feel out of balance. This brings on another set of problems. The snowball then keeps rolling into something bigger as now the whole close community around this person who was initially carrying the blocks has now grown into more people carrying the blocks. The morale around this person isn’t as high and if they are not careful the others will slip into a depression of some kind.

That’s why understanding how the energy affects our minds is so important to be able to understand what is going on and how to release it.

Action: choose the way you use your words carefully, always use positive words and uplifting words. People laugh when they see people chanting to themselves however, it is the use of positivity overriding the negativity we are carrying

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