• Emma Claridge

Leaves are falling but that’s not all

November and it’s a month away from Christmas, but that isn’t all this time of year represents to me. November feels like a cleansing month to me with the trees all shutting down for winter, their leaves all turning golden brown. It almost brings a sense of nostalgia bringing with it calm and clarity. Like the busyness of the year is going and it’s a time of rest and rejuvenation.

Things always happen for me towards the end of the year too, like new chapters start but they don’t come along at a slow pace, its like one cog starts and then the rest fall into place.

Ive noticed it tends to be a change of year for other people too, its almost like a wave of energy rides over us giving us an insight into whats right for us.

Does anyone else get this feeling?

#change #newchapter #autumn

Emma Claridge

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