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Law Of Attraction and Mental Health

Updated: Apr 7, 2019


How often do we find ourselves sitting around friends and partners that have the same characteristics of our parents or one of our ex-partners?

I would say everyone can relate to this and if you can’t you are one of a few.

I have seen time and time again patterns of similar traits where a strong minded person comes in and dominates someones thoughts and actions.

How does this keep happening?

I want to share an example with you, how early you can be affected.

A parent is selfish, they don’t have time to show their child love or teach them what being in a loving home is about. The parent can even have traits of a bully. The child feels pushed out and doesn’t feel loved. The child carries an insecurity all through their life, they grow up feeling they aren’t good enough, they lack confidence and they just want to be loved (often grow close to the first person who shows them affection). The child could attract further bullying at school and at work (later on in life) in a manipulative way. Their root chakra becomes blocked, it causes health problems through their life with no explanation of how it started?

The child’s true energy hasn’t been allowed to blossom instead it carries this cold heavy controlling energy that is alien to them. It causes them to think in a negative way (mental health) they attract a partner into their life through this controlling energy that feels electric chemistry but instead it’s the magnetism attraction of the foreign energy the controlling energy they are carrying (that isn’t their own) that is attracted to the wrong person. So it feels right to be with this person as they have carried this foreign controlling energy from their parent for so long, there is no recognition of what feels right.

The wheel starts again with a new person but similar traits. The victim can’t seem to escape this controlling energy that they feel drained and exhausted from life its all they have known.

With this partner who feels right they might have a child together, the energy the unborn absorbs it’s mothers energy and the unborn will develop into a baby absorbing these energies.

The child is born into this world with insecurities and suffer panic attacks and anxiousness at a very young age.

The terminology is labelled ‘mental health’ the child now has therapy to manage these conditions.

The pattern continues.....

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