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10 tips to help you with a toxic work environment

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Facts say we spend over 90,000 hours of our lifetime at work, so it’s clear to say being happy in your job is vital to your mental and physical health.

We very rarely stay in one job all of that time, as we find ourselves moving on for career progression or to learn new skills. This is natural progression.

However, what about the cases where the work environment isn’t happy, your aware you need to get out but no opportunities are coming your way and you seem to be drowning in an overpowering force that is knocking your confidence and affecting your health.

It happens and I want to share with you, how there is help and how you can start helping yourself to start attracting the right opportunities to come your way, understand how the law of attraction works.

Here are a few tips to help get you started:

1. Start believing in yourself, start writing down everything you have achieved before reaching this point. Start creating the ‘I can do attitude’ rather than ‘I cant’.

2. Clear your mind, in order to do this. You need to start embracing the high vibration and connecting to it. (start by putting both hands together and ask for the love energy to clear your mind from anyone else energy)

3. Set your goals, have something to strive for.

4. Once your goals are set start looking at options to start the journey, take it in small steps. Look at it as stepping stones rather than a big mountain.

5. Don’t keep looking at the big picture, instead look at ways to make small changes, sometimes the bigger picture is too overwhelming.

6. Set yourself a strategy plan with a time frame, once this is in place, you are now starting to manifest your goal.

7. Start motivating yourself, try and get out of the office at lunchtime to give you breathing space to clear your head.

8. Positive affirmations, keep saying and repeating these in your mind.

9. Use the two together, positive affirmations and connecting to the higher love energy vibration to lift you out of this dark place mentally and physically.

10. Believe in yourself and trust.

Keep striving to what you feel is right for you and trust your gut instinct. Don’t let anyone else’s energy or influence tell you otherwise.

You deserve a balanced life that is right for you.

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