• Emma Claridge

How many potatoes are in your rucksack?

When I describe to people how the cleansing treatments work.

I use the following phrase “if you imagine all the negativity your carrying as potatoes in a rucksack on your back. You start off with one due to a situation or person not coming from a loving place. The law of attraction kicks in and brings you more energy like this towards you. Before you know it your are carrying anything from 10 to 15+ potatoes in your rucksack and it starts to wear you down.”

Carrying this each day leaves you feeling tired, drained and losing the zest for life. It also manifests into illness mentally and physically.

What the cleansing energy does is starts to lighten your load.

Emma Claridge

#mindfulness #loveenergy #spiritual #positivity #lightenyourload

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