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How do I calm my childs behaviour?

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

With it being half term it can be a stressful time trying to keep your children occupied and happy, but when they aren't communicating with you properly and in their own little world it can be soul destroying.

I have cleared many homes while children have been present in the homes, the reason for this is it gently clears any blocks they are carrying. These blocks can be present through peer pressure, niggling problems at school, an overpowering energy that is dominating their minds and influencing their thoughts and actions, it can even be blocks they have been born with that their mother was carrying before she gave birth.

This technique always has very positive feedback, with signs of the child having a calmer mindset, clearer vision and being content in themselves.

I have recently cleared a home where the child was present. The child was expressing anger and didn't want any contact from her mum or for her mum to go near her (the child does have learning difficulties) . After the clearing she was the opposite much more loving and wanting to embrace her mummys cuddles.

Another case was an older boy had become distant and non communicative with his parents after spending alot of time with another person. After the house was cleared the boy showed less moody attitude and was more open to communicating with his parents and much more settled.

The connection I work with is affirmations with love, this disolves anything negative that is blocking the natural path for the child. Common signs when there is another energy dominating or blocking your childs mind are nightmares, expressing anger, not wanting to communicate, overeating and wanting sweet things all the time (this is a sure sign when their energy has been drained).

The benefit of clearing the home is it clears any stagnant energy the house is holding that the child can absorb and any negative blocks anyone else is carrying who lives there including pets.

Working with love affirmations disolves anything that has not come from a loving place.

Techniques and Tools: crystals are a great tool for your child to carry on them to help them stay in a better place. Black obsidian has fantastic properties to keep away negative energy, I always carry a tumble stone with me. Also meditating if you can get your child to connect thumb and finger the same way people meditate, and get them to use the following affirmation 'love to what changed my energy', the love energy will dissolve any negative thoughts out of their mind.


Very positive outcome for myself and my son. My son is has become more loving, listening more and his behaviour has improved (especially at school) As for myself my back pain has completely disappeared in fact I slept for the first time in a week after connecting with Emma.


December 2018 (distance clearing)

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