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Help my house is Haunted!

So many houses are built on land where nobody knows the history of the land.

Centuries ago a lot of ceremonies went on over vast fenland in the UK and I'm sure other ceremonies went on in other countries where sacrifices took place and worshipping certain beliefs. This would attract unusual energies that won't be coming from a good place or could even be trapped spirits that were never laid to rest and died in battle or were taken from earth before their time. When a spirit hasn't been remembered or no one knows they existed they can become trapped and do not pass into the angelic realms to join loved ones who have been laid to rest. The spirits can become restless and this will be shown to you through abnormal activities in your home. Its only when we are shown weird activities in houses is when we realise that maybe we could have a ghost or worst still an unfriendly ghost.

When I agreed to clear a house that had unpleasant disturbances, I wasn’t quite prepared for what I found.

I connected just the same as I usually do for house clearings. Connecting to the love energy that allows my team in spirit to engage with the affirmation I ask for.

A member of the family had already been to see me for a personal clearing as she had been experiencing nightmares and unpleasant feelings in her mind. So I was aware the house wasn't free of unpleasant energy. However, until you connect you never know what you are going to find.

This time when I connected I could feel and see about 5 black spirits frantically whizzing about the house as the affirmation took hold.

There was an active vortex (opening for spirits to come through) under the stairs that was now starting to close, I felt two of the black spirits immediately dive straight into the vortex. My clients (the family) all stayed in the house while this was happening. They reported thumping on walls in the house while I was connected. Other reporting were black things whizzing past them and the temperature in the house dropped.

I could feel this too as they paid me a visit to see who the source was. I just asked the love energy for extra protection and continued with the love affirmation. Eventually after an hour the house temperature started to creep up again. One of the spirits tried to latch onto one of my clients but I told her to connect through the clearing and keep chanting the word love over and over again. Love dissolves all negativity, black entities hate love as it counteracts back at them.

I can now report the house is clear and my clients testimonial support the clearing. If ever there is any abnormal behaviour in a house and it makes you feel uncomftable counteract it with love ‘chanting it or connecting with a love affirmation to dissolve it’ (my book can show you how I connect).


Visited Emma after she cleared our house..had been living in the house for over 18 years .but it never felt like a peaceful place to be. It had countless things happen over the years from pictures being took off walls to hand prints on the window that were bigger than anyone else's,footsteps on the landing things that would disappear but when you came back home they would be in the middle of the was one of the most mind blowing nights while Emma connected for our home but afterwards the peace and tranquillity in that house was amazing and have not had anymore problems since..honestly can't thank Emma enough..she is one amazing person..

John in Peterborough

March 2019

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