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2020, what I experienced as an Energy Therapist

2020, My own experience

I am going to share with you my current experience as I feel it’s relevant for today.

This time of year there will be a lot of colds and viruses going around as I have just experienced and many others have too.

Last week as it’s now a weekend I started off quite normal in the fact that I was healthy and no signs of a virus. When out of the blue mid week I come down with a full blown cold. I just seem to be getting on top of it over 2 days as been doing a lot of energy cleansing on myself....when I walk in to a place that is carrying negativity and my chest area gets attacked like someone is putting a hot poker through my back to my immune system. The feeling I get is a really sore area in my lungs, so sore that if I cough and sneeze I know it’s going to really hurt and my energy is getting weaker.

So being an energy therapist I immediately connect to the high vibration to remove the negativity. It takes a good couple of hours to get comfortable again back to where I was with just a cold. I know inside had I not have done this I would not be in a good place.

However this was no virus, it was a negative energy invasion on my own energy and because I was weak in this area due to the cold in the first place it went to any weak parts. Now I can understand why those with any weak areas in the chest would be affected. As the specialists about COVID are highlighting.

The headaches are part of the negativity overriding our own energy so the mind won’t be in such a positive place to fight. This is how negativity takes hold by changing your mind so you think and feel different.

Let me also share with you another experience I had last June, when I was shown a vision after asking what do I need to know I was shown a black wave rising out of the earth and crashing down that would cause devastation. This was the earth purging and I got shown it would attack any living being on the planet. I get shown things about 4-6 months in advance of what is coming. This frightened me so much so I felt we needed to move house with the horses as I thought it was just my life going to experience this, so the house went on the market in the August...but what I didn’t realise it was the World being affected.

So what I am going to say is yes those that are vulnerable do need to stay in while the energy goes. It is cold and flu season those that are experiencing virus symptoms do stay inside to get strong again.

Protection: it is important to avoid spreading germs so we don’t get the average cold or flu because this is when the energy that has purged from the earth attacks and manifests.

Action: I work with the love energy and the love energy dissolves anything negative. So I would say try this if you feel unwell put your hands together and ask for the love energy to dissolve anything negative in your chakras or energy.

Please note: this is what I experienced and wanted to share my findings.

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