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Dreams and what do they mean?

Updated: Jan 6

Quite often I get dreams where they are insignificant to anything and then other times my dreams do mean something.

They usually come at a time when there is going to be or needs to be change in my life. These dreams are important to take note of as they act like a warning or a message trying to get through to guide me in the right direction.

I can recall quite a few dreams where there have been situations in my #dreams when at the time I cant make sense what they mean straight away, however when I look into them, I can see they were warnings or #guidance. Sometimes we’ll ahead of the event taking place.

A lot mine I can relate to people who are overpowering my free spirit, the message in my dreams make me more aware of people I have to be cautious of.

From my experience, if you can recall any part of your dreams and you feel there was a hidden message write it down. It usually means

something coming into or likely to happen later on in your life.

People often keep a dream journal, if you dream quite a lot like me, I would advise keeping some form of note taking format.

#messagesfromabove #higherguidance #trustyourintuition #listen

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