• Emma Claridge

5 tips to help clear your mind

When you have doubts about your life and decisions you have made your mind has been contaminated and your mind is not its own.

It's always best to make decisions of any kind when your mind is clear, there are a number of ways to help aid in clearing your mind.

5 tips

  1. Drink plenty of water, keeping yourself hydrated is important to think clearly

  2. Fresh air, its all too easy to stay in one place especially when there is a lot of work to do. Make time for yourself to get out into the fresh air, its a vital part of allowing your body to relax.

  3. Try reading a book or something to take your mind off things, if you can get yourself lost in a story it can help you to relax and open your creative side of the mind.

  4. Listen to music, this is a great way to switch from the logical side of the brain to the creative side. You find yourself listening to the melody and going along with the rhythm that helps lose yourself in the heaviness of what's consuming your mind.

  5. Meditate, easier said than done for some people (the trick is to not try to hard, the best way is to connect your thumb and first finger together on both hands, resting them on your knee while you are sitting comftable, put on some soft music and just ask for the love energy to cleanse your energy, this will be an easy way to start and you will feel better for it. You can then progress from there to guided meditations.

If you can create a space of your own in your home, surrounding it with things you love to see and hear, this will help raise your vibration.

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